Could I swap jetson Nano's HDMI lane and polarity?

Lane swap:

SOM <—> Connector

Data0 <–> Data1
Data1 <–> Data2
Data2 <–> Data3
Data3 <–> Data0

Data0 <–> Data1
Data1 <–> Data2
Data2 <–> Data0
Data3 <–> Data3 (clk)

Polarity swap:

SOM <—> Connector

Data0_p <–> Data0_n
Data0_n <–> Data0_p

Data1_p <–> Data1_n
Data1_n <–> Data1_p

Data2_p <–> Data2_n
Data2_n <–> Data2_p

Data3_p <–> Data3_n
Data3_n <–> Data3_p

Which operation is supported?

Polarity swap is not supported.

Lane swap is able to be configured in device tree but not recommended. Better following the design guide.

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