Could I use Riva in Unity?

I would be very grateful if we could ask when you are available.

I’m currently developing in Unity and are looking for a way to enable ASR / TTS in an offline environment.
Is it possible to use Riva in Unity (C#)? If so, what would be the appropriate method?

I know that there is implementations for VOSK, but I could not find it for Riva.
Since I am a beginner engineer, I am sorry that I cannot implement it myself.

Thank you very much in advance for your time.
If this is an inappropriate question, you may close it.

Hi @yaohd71532

Thanks for your interest in Riva

I am not sure we support Unity, I will confirm from my team
I guess we may have other options,

Can you let us know the use case/example to get more understanding


So, does RIVA support Unity 3D?


Hi @peter170 @shunzi3

Apologies, Currently we don’t have support for Riva in Unity



Still no support for Riva in unity? I have to use Riva TTS and ASR in unity project. Please guide me ASAP

HI @hashir.kamal

Apologies, We still do not support Riva in Unity