Could libnvinfer_safe be made available in the public apt repo?


We fetch the Nvidia libraries from the public apt repo:

There, we obtain for example “libnvinfer-headers*.deb”, which internaly contains NvInferSafeRuntime.h, which is the header corresponding to

However, that actual library, libninver-safe*.deb, is not published on this portal.

Would it be possible to make it available there? We could obtain it from the DriveOS package, but it’s always older than “latest and greatest”, which limits us in testing the newest features and giving early feedback. Another drawback is that the one in the DriveOS package is built only for a specific version of Ubuntu, while in the apt repo one can choose the Ubuntu version of their choice.



Sorry, we do not have much information on the above. Could you please try reaching out to the CUDA-related forum to get better help?

Thank you.

This is a TensorRT related question, why should I ask in the CUDA forum?


Sorry for the confusion.
Currently, we do not have plans to release the safe builds outside of DriveOS.

Thank you.