Could not allocate memory. Error: 2

Hi all,

Following this tutorial

the scene is up and running.

However, when executing bazel run packages/cart_delivery/apps:cart_delivery I receive an memory allocation error as follows:

2021-02-18 16:08:45.473 INFO  packages/engine_tcp_udp/components/TcpPublisher.cpp@140: TCP publisher successfully accepted connection
2021-02-18 16:08:46.859 PANIC external/com_nvidia_isaac_engine/engine/core/allocator/cuda_malloc_allocator.cpp@22: Could not allocate memory. Error: 2
|                            Isaac application terminated unexpectedly                             |

Any suggestions on how to resolve this error?

It is likely that you’ve run out of GPU memory. The scene you are using may be too big and Unity is taking up more GPU memory leaving too little for your Isaac SDK app. I would watch the memory available being reported by nvidia-smi

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I confirm that the GPU memory (RTX 2060) is the bottleneck. Running the scene already 5 of 6 GB are in use; executing the cart_delivery package the memory is running against 6 GB within a few seconds causing the memory allocation error.