Could not detect a board

I am trying to flash an image on Jetson Orin Nano (first time ) using SDK manager, but as you can see on the screen the message Could not detect a board. What is the reason?

After reading this link: "Could not detect a board" target hardware I came to know about force recovery, but the very first time flashing how force recovery is possible.

secondly, is the error due to a USB type C hardware issue?

On my host machine when I did ls /dev/ttyACM*

I am getting this

ls: cannot access ‘/dev/ttyACM*’: No such file or directory

Please help me where I am going wrong.

I found the solution to this and that is just to put the jumper between pins 3 (FC REC) and 4 (GND) then it will detect the board, but still did not get why.

Hi, please refer to this site for detail. “before running these commands, you must connect your host computer to the Jetson device’s recovery port with a USB cable”. For flashing, Jetson board should be in recovery mode by shorting recovery pin to GND.

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