Could not find camera that works with ROS!

Could not find camera that works with ROS. I can find it in the lower version (2021.2.1), but is it not available in the higher version (2022.1.0)? If there is, could you tell me the location?
Screenshot from 2022-07-01 16-57-53

In the new version, the ROS integration works through the OmniGraph, as far as I understand. You need to put a ROS CameraHelper node

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Hi @kqu0585,

As @ucabds6 correctly mentioned, all ROS Bridge components are now in the form of OmniGraph nodes. It is highly recommended to go through the ROS Tutorials to learn more about the new ROS1 & ROS2 Bridges.

You can also take a look at the ROS1 Migration Tutorial which points out the differences between the previous release version (2021.2.1) and our latest release (2022.1).

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