could not get cuda to run on nexus 9


I want to develop some application on nexus 9 to make use the gpu on it. However, I couldn’t get the cuda to run on it. I installed But when I run the cuda sample code, I got the error “driver could not support cuda runtime library”

  1. During the installation process, do I need to install the cuda library on nexus 9? I got an error when doing this " not authorized"
  2. Do I need to flash the whole os image to the nexus 9? If yes, how? I tried, but failed, it cannot even find the device when I set it to recovery mode. Maybe the pack is only for

I really appreciate the help!


Saw on a forum here that CUDA not supported on nexus 9. I’ve been trying to get opencv running on a nexus 9 but I can’t. Is opencv supported on arm64.

Is that for real? I was going to buy a Jetson but shelled out more for a Nexus 9 thinking I could have a CUDA capable tablet…