Could not get the transformation robot_init_T_camera

Hello, I am attempting to use depth image flattening and keep getting the "could not get the transformation robot_T_camera. I have the config set as follows:

“config”: {
“image_flattening”: {
“isaac.rgbd_processing.DepthImageFlattening”: {
“min_distance”: 0.1,
“max_distance”: 1.7,
“height_min”: 0.08,
“height_max”: 0.20,
“ground_frame”: “robot”,
“camera_frame”: “camera”,
“range_delta”: 0.015,
“sector_delta”: 0.008

and in a seperate subgraph the camera is configured as follows:

“perception.zed”: {
“isaacZedCamera_pose”: {
“lhs_frame”: “robot”,
“rhs_frame”: “camera”,
“pose”: [0.406, -0.579, 0.579, -0.406, 0, 0, 0.22]

I don’t understand why I would be getting this error, any suggestions? Thanks.

the configuration looks OK, but can you also post the node with PoseInitializer please? There must be a mismatch in node/component names, e.g., if your graph has:

    "name": "perception.zed",
    "components": [
        "name": "NOT_isaacZedCamera_pose",
        "type": "isaac::alice::PoseInitializer"

then since your component name doesn’t match your config, your pose would not be set.