Could someone tell me why Composer and Code render this so different

By Render, I just mean the away it appears in the view port.

If you go to the Asset Store Beta, and search for Haunted, this building is free.

And in this short video the windows look completely different. Is there a way to make Composer look like they do in Code.


@DataJuggler I’ve seen this before when troubleshooting another Discord user’s scene. Long story short, the answer lies within the Render Setting; and, Composer would technically be the one with more correct representation.

The specific settings found under “Indirect Diffuse Lighting” rollout were found to be the main attributing params that result in the visual discrepancies. Here were my findings using the default setting from both Code and Composer with the same haunted house USD opened as is (with no lighting or changes to scene elements):

Code 2022.3.3:

  1. no Indirect Diffuse GI
  2. Ambient Light Intensity pumped up to 1.0 (which you may have seen in other 3D packages where this fake scene lighting enables you to see what you are doing through viewport display without actual light sources in the scene)

Composer 2023.1.1:

  1. Indirect Diffuse GI is on (meaning it’ll do proper lighting calculations such as propagations and bounces)
  2. Ambient Light Intensity is set to 0.0

The reason why I said Composer is the more accurately depicted is because when there’re no lights in the scene in the original file, we shouldn’t be seeing any visible light/shadow. And when you add lights to the scene, you should expect them to calculate light bounces right away and not something you’d want to turn on manually that Code would have you do as an extra step. Because of no added ‘fake’ lighting that brighten the scene, shattered glass window panes are now visible; and allowing us to differentiate the glass from the background whereas it became extremely hard to see one separating from the other due to overall brighter scene.

There could be other minute and subtle setting deviations between the two apps, but I found the render setting makes the most direct impact visually.

So why is it? I can only speculate that Code’s intention wasn’t focused too much on doing final renders and making these little changes will allow people make doing their work easier (making extensions, tools, etc) without having to add lights to their scene all the time. Not sure how close my assumption is, but that’s simply one that I arrived at.

If this becomes an annoyance or prove to be undesirable, you can simply match the setting on one app to the other (in this case, my recommendation would be to change the setting in Code to match that of Composer) and they should be brought to a more comparable level.

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Thank you for your response and detailed explanation.

Thank for help answer the post. Yes you are correct. We are aware of slight differences between the way the default lighting in set up between the various kit apps. There were some changes made to Composer’s default lighting setup that have not been picked up yet by other apps. We are working to align them. Mostly in the secondary lighting, like GI and AO.

The day after I posted this, Code was updated, and now the Windows look the same in Composer and Code.

I guess I was just a day early .