Could square wave incoming mains causing program instability?

AGX dev kit
jetpack 4.3

Is the power supply that comes with the dev kit suitable for use with a square wave incoming mains supply from a UPS?

I have a couple of units at remote locations that will randomly stop my deepstream app from running and return the system to the desktop. As yet I am unable to find the problem, there is nothing useful in the logs.

The sites do have UPS battery backups and I wondered if the problem was with eh square wave incoming mains?

I can’t recreate the problem on my workbench (where I do not have a UPS)

The obvious test is to remove the UPS which I will do however I cannot access them immediately and I wondered if anyone knew if this would be a problem?

Thanks Chris

Jetsons are particularly sensitive to power supply issues. I can’t guarantee it, but I very highly suspect the power supply (feeding the Jetson’s power adapter) must have a sine wave. It seems odd that an UPS would supply a square wave.

Yeah, I was surprised when I found out it was square wave, rang alarm bell, hopefully this is problem!