Could the CloudXR server IP address being set in a Client App dialog box?

As long as we run tests on LAN, we are (almost) fine with a fixed IP adress for the server.
But when we are using WAN/Public IP, it turns more tricky, isn’t it ?

In my case, I am using my public IP, that can change from time to time.
In a Cloud service, I guess one need to check the IP of the instance.

Would it be possible to have a dialog box in the Client App with a keyboard to enter the IP adress ?
Or even better, being able to use an URL and run it through DNS.

How do you guys solve this in your case ?
Still using the fixed IP, or tweaked the player, or I did I miss something ?


Great suggestion Bernard!

You could certainly add a DNS lookup (from say a dynamic dns provider), and stuff that value into the IP address. For productization, we’d expect an ISV to implement some kind of server-finder service – but it’s outside the scope of the CXR sdk, and really must be tailored to each ISVs particular deployment/solution.

Beyond that, we are looking at the ability to add further UI around the android HMD samples in an upcoming release, just to simplify early development/testing. No ETA as yet.