Could trianglemesh bind with dynamicactor?

When I was using PhysX as the simulation engine for manipulators, I would like to use the collision detection offered by PhysX to simulation the manipulator’s collision detection when the manipulator is moving. However, it seems that physx doesn’t support trianglemesh binded with dynamic actor. It results that I could not use the physx as the collision detection tool. Are there any solution to this problem?

PxTriangleMeshGeometry geom(pMesh);
PxTransform mesh_pos(PxVec3(0.5f, 10.0f, 0.0f));
gMesh = PxCreateDynamic(*gPhysicsSDK, mesh_pos, geom, *mMaterial, 1.0f);

gMesh would return null during the simulation.

Triangle mesh can be used only for contact generation only on static actors. You can add a triangle mesh to a dynamic actor if eSCENE_QUERY_SHAPE is set and eSIMULATION_SHAPE is not set.