Couldn't able to provision IoTEdge Runtime and GreenGrass Core Device in Yocto Jetson Devices

Hi Team,

We’re currently working on building Yocto Images for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit and Jetson TX2 Developer Kit devices. We’ve successfully built two different images for AWS and Azure, but we’re encountering issues with provisioning the IoTEdge Runtime in Azure Image and Greengrass Core Device in AWS Image.

Here are more details about the Images:

1. Yocto Azure IoT Image:
We’ve cloned the meta-iotedge layer for building the Image.

Testing on Device:
After attempting to provision the IoTEdge Runtime on the device, we observe that the IoTEdge Runtime is running, but it’s not reporting back in the Azure Portal.

2. Yocto AWS Greengrass Core Image:

For this Image, we’re cloning the meta-aws-demos layer.

Testing on Device:
When trying to provision the Greengrass core device on the device, we’re unable to do so.

Note: We’ve successfully built both images for Raspberry Pi devices, and provisioning works well on those devices. We’ve flashed Ubuntu on Jetson Devices and provisioning works, but not through Yocto OS.

Can you please confirm whether the above mentioned Jetson devices support IoTEdge Runtime and AWS Greengrass Core Device provisioning for Yocto build?

These are from 3rdparty contribution and we don’t have much experience about it. Would suggest create the query in the github links. So that the author can check and provide suggestion.

@DaneLLL ,

We’re trying to pinpoint the source of the issue regarding provisioning on Jetson devices compared to Raspberry Pi devices using the mentioned meta-layers (GitHub links). While provisioning works on Raspberry Pi devices with those meta-layers, we’re encountering difficulties on Jetson devices.

Could you assist us in determining whether the issue lies with the device itself or with the meta-layers? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Also, could you please confirm whether Yocto support is still available for the above mentioned devices?