Couldn't run a custom ros isaac app

/home/nirmal/Arjun/isaac-2019.1/sdk/apps/samples/ping_pong_ros/BUILD:12:1: Couldn’t build file apps/samples/ping_pong_ros/_objs/_ping_components/Pong.pic.o: C++ compilation of rule ‘//apps/samples/ping_pong_ros:_ping_components’ failed (Exit 1) failed: error executing command external/toolchain/crosstool/scripts/ -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fstack-protector -Wall -Werror -B/usr/bin -Wunused-but-set-parameter … (remaining 176 argument(s) skipped)

How to correctly run a custom ros-isaac app properly?

Could you explain a little but more about what you’re trying to do? The error listed almost seems like you’re trying to build an Isaac SDK app on Jetson itself perhaps (which is unfortunately not supported).

@hemals I was trying the code in different versions of isaac sdk. I figured out. Thanks

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