couldn't see the 'Teaming' menu in properties of Mellanox card

Happy New Year!!

Server : Lenovo SR650

Mellanox card : Mellanox ConnectX-4 PCIe FDR 1-Port VPI Adapter * 2EA

OS : Windows Server 2016

Driver version : 2.20.21096.0

Firmware version : 12.25.1020

I want to configure Teaming using my two Mellanox cards.

I already read the Manual of this card.

I navigated as below :

  • control panel > ​device manager > network adapters
  • right click with ‘Mellanox ConnectX-4 VPI Adapter’
  • click property in pop up menu

At this stage, I couldn’t see the Teaming menu.

Please refer my attached file.

Please kindly any advice for me.

What am I missing?


Hi ,

Please refer to the following documentation :

How-to: Configure Windows Server 2016 with Switch Embedded Teaming for RoCEv2 lossless fabric.

From the user manual: