Coummunity 19.4 missing pfg77 binary

I just installed the Community version on RedHat 7.4, using the default no-flex node-locked license and without MPI, as we want to test this with some old PGF77 code. I’ve installed PGI in the past without issue but while everything seemed to go well, there is no pgf77 in the bin directory, though everything else seems to be there and the documentation suggests that it should be.

I’ve been unable to find anyone else having this problem.


Hi Dave,

pgf77 is included with the non-LLVM compilers (i.e. “$PGI/linux86-64-nollvm/19.4/bin”) but wasn’t carried forward with the LLVM based compilers. Setting your PATH to include the nollvm bin directory should fix the issue.

Is there a reason why you need pgf77 rather than using pgfortran? Other than a few extensions to support older F77 variants and deprecated features, pgfortran should be able to compile F77 code.


Thanks very much. I had just stumbled onto the nollvm and seen that and hadn’t had a chance to post.

I honestly don’t know if we need pfg77 vs gfortran or not (I’m just the installer) but we have some very old code and the developer swears we do, so…

Thanks for your help