Count/Measure incoming particles

Hi there,

i’m relativly new to operating with omniverse create and have been trying to visualize incoming traffic with the usage of a particles system.

Is there any way to measure or calculate how many particles are actually hitting an object in my scene (by reflections or line of sight)?

Hello @Jens_G94! Take a look at our documentation here: Particles

Let me know it this helps point you in the right direction!

Thanks for your reply!

I already worked through all of your documentation in the hope of finding what i need - with hardly any progress made so far.
Building particle systems and the needed enviroment is no problem at all. The only thing i’m still struggling with, is building a kind of counting / measurement system to collect the number of incoming traffic (particles).

I just recently stumbled across the contact reporter and was wondering if that’s helpful for my usecase. Sadly my python programming skills aren’t really profound enough just yet, to understand whats going on in the demo cases regarding the functionalty and working principles - i’ll work through both demo scenes in which the contact reporter is a used.
Sadly i couldn’t find any documentation for said contact reporter.

Thanks for the update @Jens_G94. I will see if I can get a developer to help get you started!

Hi @Jens_G94 ,
Unfortunately particles don’t support contact reporting yet, and probably won’t for a while.
I suggest you switch to rigid bodies for your problem.

@Jens_G94 I created a Feature Request ticket for the dev team for your request. (Internal ticket OM-56662: Count/Measure incoming particles)

Ok. Thank you both! I will try what you suggested