counter on Vlan interfaces show small number of errors, how can I find the source of errors ?


Since I’ve enabled counters on my VLAN interfaces, I’m receiving errors on the interface :


128519377 Unicast packets

1848037 Multicast packets

65230299914 Unicast bytes

73921480 Multicast bytes

451179 Bad packets

89668804 Bad bytes


341044803 Unicast packets

0 Multicast packets

109389347452 Unicast bytes

0 Multicast bytes

What’s the best way to capture those bad packets or otherwise find the source of those errors ?


The bad packet counter include many causes

for example:

mtu, ttl, destIP == 0000, destIP = sourceIP and more

if you still see this counters increasing i would suggest to capture the traffic and try to understand form the packet what is wrong, I see that you also have a support contract with us so you can open a support ticket at or at the mymellanox portal