Counter Strike:Source locks up at random on multiplayer

Linux Mint 17 (32 bit) - GeForce 9500 GT (old, I know)

Here’s my issue, I’ll be playing CS:S, having a grand old time and the graphics will lock up with the sound looping. The timing seems to be different and I can’t tell if something is triggering it or not. Sometimes, it’ll go 5-10 seconds of playing before it locks up. Other times I can get 30-45 minutes. Usually I can drop to a shell (Ctrl+Alt+F6), then go back to the game (Ctrl+Alt+F8) and keep going. Other times I have to kill CS:S and restart it. About every 1 in 15 times, it completely locks up and I have to fully reboot.

The really weird thing is I dual-boot Win7 and it happens there as well. Both Linux and Win7 are up-to-date for drivers, system updates, etc. I’ve double checked the card physically and it appears ok. I pulled off the fan and heat sink, cleaned it all out really well, and put fresh thermal compound on and put it all back together - so I’m not worried about overheating.

Any ideas? Here’s the log I grabbed the last time it locked up and I was able to get to a shell -

Try forcing multicore rendering disabled by going into the game properties and adding the launch command “+mat_queue_mode 0”.

Consider filing a bug at Valves bug tracker:

That seemed to help it a bit. The graphics didn’t seem as clear as before, but lock-ups so far. crossed fingers