Couple issues I've not found a solution to. (gizmo + local_fwd)

When I press setup character I get the error

2023-08-03 02:02:20  [Error] [omni.ui.python] UnboundLocalError: local variable 'local_fwd' referenced before assignment

Also, my gizmo is no longer visible and I have not been able to get it back.

I can work around this by starting a new project and starting over, but I’d like to understand what is happening.

@kewkdb just out of curiosity, is the gizmo disappearing only in A2F or in other apps as well?

I only use a2f so not sure. It happened after I clicked one of the pivot selections. Was looking for a way to reset it but did not find it. So just restarted.

I just reproduced it by clicking authored pivot. When I zoom out I can see it again. Tho, pretty sure last time I zoomed way out and couldn’t see it as well.

isn’t authored pivot ticked on by default for you? or did you mean when you switch out and back to it is when the gizmo went away because i can’t seem to reproduce it on my end.

This should help.

i believe that’s intended behavior for it to change based on your Selection Pivot Placement set in the dropdown. Authored pivot, by the definition in the doc, is to “reflect the actual Prim pivot attribute’s position.” when you said it disappeared, i was under the impression that it went away completely, which is something you’d get if you switch out of the move mode (W) and into selection mode (Q).