Couple of Newbie questions

I’m developing a bespoke carrier board for the Jetson Orin Nano.

Looking at schematic P3768-A04 is U3 powered up as soon as DC Power is applied? I see that U3 pin 2 (EN) is under the control of 5V0_SYS_EN(_R) but i see no reference to these anywhere else in the schematics. Therefore is it only VDD_3V3_SYS and VDD_1V8 that are delayed turn on. As 3V3_A0 is derived from VDD_5V_SYS it must also be enabled when DC Power is applied.

I need two USB3.1 ports. Can i take USBSS0 and USB1 to one USB socket and USBSS2 and USB2 to another USB socket. USB1 and USBSS0 supply the on-board hub, which i don’t need. Neither do i need the M.2 E socket.


Yes VDD_5V_SYS turn on by VDD_CVB = VDD_DCIN.

USBSS0 + USB1 to one socket, it’s same usage with P3768 hub U7, it’s OK.
USBSS1 + USB0 used to typeC J5 on P3768, but you choose USBSS2 + USB2, it’s OK but what’s your plan about USB0?

USB0 and USBSS1 are allocated to the USB-C Recovery port as per P3768-A04.

Ive attached a diagram of what im trying to implement.

USB0 is used for recovery and will be a micro B connector. It will feed to GPIO00 (Pin 87) USB_0_VBUS_DET*

I want to be able to turn on/off the USB supply to my two USB3.1 sockets via a Load Switch. Can i select GPIO01 to control the load switch as it appears unallocated. How/where do i control the status of GPIO01?

Am i okay with the allocation on USB0, USB1, USBSS0, USB2 and USBSS2 to the USB3.1 sockets?

Could i get a response to my questions above please?

You could refer to document for software change.

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