Course - Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano - Image Classification - Thumbs Project


I have gone through the initial setups and “Hello Camera” through the DLI Course and loaded just fine, albeit had to reset a few times as it was not reading the IMX 219-77. It captured images and the stream.

However, in the last section titled “Display Interactive Tool!” the image is frozen from the initial setup. I have reset the Nano, reset the JupyterLab and the whole 9, as well as redid the “Hello Camera” setup. Yet the image is still stuck and unable to train the model.

Any solution or guidance would be appreciated.


Following this thread:

Although any other feedback appreciated!

Hi @A-Zaza, if those suggestions from the other thread don’t fix it for you, you may want to use USB camera instead. Here is a summary of the tweaks to make:

  • specify the --memory and --memory-swap arguments when you start the container
  • disable ZRAM with sudo systemctl disable nvzramconfig and reboot
  • mount disk swap
  • disable X server with sudo systemctl set-default and reboot
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Thank you @dusty_nv! Unfortunately the other thread did not yield results for me. Will proceed with the USB camera instead.