Covid19 model download - "Invalid model config"

When trying to download the covid19 classification mdoel I’m getting “Invalid Model Config: /opt/nvidia/medical/nvmidl/apps/aas/actions/”


Thanks for your interest in Clara Train.

The covid19_3d_ct_classification doesn’t have an AIAA capabilities since it is doing a binary classification. There isn’t a way to guide /help you annotate.
You could instead use the annotation model to help segment the lung in a CT. This is the first step for the 3d_ct_classification workflow

Hope that helps

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AIAA documentation says under Inference – “You can use /inference API to run model pipelines, classification models etc.”
How can I use /inference on a classification model if I cannot import the model.

another section of documentation says AIAA supports classification models:

Hi There,

We do support all general inference if you provide a valid config_aiaa.json along with the model network.
However, as explained above, classification models does not guide/help user annotate things via slicer and so on.
So we did not provide config_aiaa.json of those models.

You can write your own config_aiaa.json to determine which pre/post transforms you want to use
along with the models you want to use.

You can refer to:
on how to write a config_aiaa.json

Yuan, I appreciate your help. I would appreciate more if you would try to understand my pain as a user. None of the examples of config_aiaa.json show an example for classification model. I wrote my own config_aiaa.json. Attached is my config_aiaa.json.txt
I keep getting error that is not useful for debugging:

“{“error”:{“message”:[“5”,“Failed to export model to TRTIS”],“type”:“AIAAException”},“success”:false}”

[2020-06-12 21:20:42.614540] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] [AIAA_INFO] (nvmidl.apps.aas.actions.model_import_trtis:_import_model_v3) - Will copy it to: /var/nvidia/aiaa/trtis_models
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.614593] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] [AIAA_INFO] (nvmidl.apps.aas.actions.model_import_trtis:_import_model_v3) - Generating trtis model dir on /var/nvidia/aiaa/trtis_models with model clara_train_covid19_3d_ct_classification
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.664735] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] [AIAA_INFO] (nvmidl.apps.aas.actions.model_import_trtis:_import_model_v3) - Trying to convert to ProtoBuf:
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.664764] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] null
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.664771] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264]
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665195] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] [AIAA_ERROR] (nvmidl.apps.aas.actions.model_import_trtis:save_model) - Gen TRTIS model failed
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665211] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] Traceback (most recent call last):
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665215] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “apps/aas/actions/”, line 101, in save_model
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665219] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “apps/aas/actions/”, line 146, in _import_model_v3
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665223] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/google/protobuf/”, line 415, in Parse
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665227] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] return ParseDict(js, message, ignore_unknown_fields, descriptor_pool)
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665231] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/google/protobuf/”, line 435, in ParseDict
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665235] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] parser.ConvertMessage(js_dict, message)
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665239] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/google/protobuf/”, line 466, in ConvertMessage
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665242] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] self._ConvertFieldValuePair(value, message)
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665246] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] File “/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/google/protobuf/”, line 482, in _ConvertFieldValuePair
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665250] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] for name in js:
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665255] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.665263] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264]
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.673593] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] [AIAA_ERROR] (nvmidl.apps.aas.www.api.api_admin:handle_error) - (5, ‘Failed to export model to TRTIS’)
[2020-06-12 21:20:42.673616] [pid 238:tid 140553674475264] Traceback (most recent call last):config_aiaa.json.txt (2.1 KB)