CPU and GPU chip sizes

Hello I want to know if the CPU and GPU chip sizes in the Jetson Nano are a similar size to the GPU chips in for example a 3060 or other graphics cards?

Please refer to Jetson Nano Module Data Sheet

I already have that information is not on there.

Just to be realistic, with no particular data to back it up, consider the largest of Jetsons might have 512 CUDA cores. A low end PC GPU (well, low compared to the other GPU monsters), the 1060, has 1280 CUDA cores. I’m not sure of the process nm, but the actual GPU area of a chip for the latest and greatest and max Tegra GPU has to be much less compared to a desktop PC. Many of the Tegra SoC have somewhere in the neighborhood of 256 CUDA cores,

A 3060 has 3584 cores. So the size (if at the same nm process) of any desktop PC GPU would be much higher. A good reason why one runs models on a Jetson, but trains them elsewhere.

If you were to also include VRAM, then a Jetson has none at all contributing to size. A desktop PC has a lot of VRAM, so if you include this, then a PC model yet again becomes a much larger die size.

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