CPU data transfer to GPU in real time, but how?


I’m a newbie on GPU accelerated computing. So i need your help.

In my project,

my application receives some raw data by USB3.0 into FIFO in RAM (at CPU side) and then record/save this data in SSD in real-time. As option, i want my customer to get and process this data in GPU as well (in real time).

How can i send this data to GPU in real-time for my customer application implementing some signal processing algorithms on this data.

As a summary:

My application sends the data which received by USB to GPU; and customer application will use this data in GPU simultaneously?

Is it possible?

Could you help me to solve this problem, pls? or is there another way to handle?

Best Regards


Note: 11GB GDDR5X RAM 11Gbps Speed GTX1080TI GF108IGTX11EPB is used.