CPU-GPU question's Finding a good balance

Hi everybody

I am in the middle of my first build,have a 500wpsu

my cpu is a

INTEL PentiumD 925 3.0Ghz Dual-core 800fsb

ive yet to buy a grafx card,cant decide and the one’s i want are overpriced for my budget,what would be a good well balanced GPU for my cpu,dont want onetoo big that will choke my cpu to death,was thinkin about the 8600gt,but i kinda want some brassier nuggets,wanderin if it could handle the 8800gt,or would it be over load,BTW 2 gigs 5400

i would be playin most new games on med to med-high,on a 800x600 resolution

This isn’t the right place to ask for advice on gaming configurations. This forum is about doing scientific calculation on GPUs. From this point of view 8800GT seems to be the best alternative becuase of its ultimate performance per dollar.