CPU usage for nsight

Hello guys,

i have a quick question related to nisght.
when i run nsys(both with ui and w;o ui) with system-wide sampling mode,
it may consume a lot of cpu usage more than 100%. it it normal behavior for nsight ?

my environment:

  • agx xavier dev kit with 35.2.1 version
  • same symptoms regardless of frequency: e.g) 100HZ, 1KHZ, 10KHZ

Is it normal behavior ? or do i have to configure anything else ?


Suppose yes, since there is more than 1 CPU in the device.
But you can share the output with us so we can confirm.


Thank you for quick response.
i attached screen capture from ‘htop’
The nsys process uses CPU at least 100%.
and, system-wide CPU usage is increased by more than 300% compared to system without nsys profiling.
i wrote this question because i concerned that such a high increase in cpu usage may cause abnormal behavior of our applications.

I didn’t run anything between two measurement between two htop result.


Is it a Python-only application?

If yes, please consider disabling CPU sampling to reduce overhead.
More info can be found in the below doc:



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