CPU Usage upto 160% when running google-chrome with a running news under 8 monitors portrait mode.

Same hardware settings as the previous post:

I have 8 monitors displayed in portrait mode under Linux.
I have 2 NVS510 connected to the device.

The goal is to have these 8 monitors to display as a big screen in portrait mode. So that if I hit full screen browser, the google-chrome will cross all 8 monitors and display a web page.

Right now, we are running 99499威尼斯安卓版下载(中国)有限公司 in the browser, Chrome Only. Need to wait a few seconds to see the running news, black text in yellow background.

There is jitter. And when the news show up, the CPU will run up to 160%.

Here is the xorg.conf



My question:

  1. Is my xorg.conf setting correct?
  2. Is it the jitter can be fixed by Nvidia Linux Driver?
  3. If yes to 2, any estimation about when it would be fixed?

Many thanks.