Crash and Reboot Card catastrophe!

Here’s a bizarre problem.

My machine will crash and restart when running certain (sometimes arbitrary) cuda code.

I’m running fedora core 6 with the 32 bit linux driver. The Mandelbrot will crash after a few minutes and some of my own code will also crash. This is a catastropic crash where the machine will reboot itself, leaving no traces in any of the kernel log files.

Anyone have any ideas?

FC6 was never qualified for use with CUDA.

Have you verified that you’re using the latest motherboard BIOS?
Can you setup a serial console or netconsole to capture any kernel messages at the time of the crash?
Also, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log

Could the cause of the problem be related to insufficient power? My machine, which only has a single 8800GTX card in it, will immediately start consuming an additional ~120 watts (measured at the wall plug) when running a CUDA kernel. Do you know if your power supply is large enough?

Thanks netllama.

I am using the latest bios.

I have to use FC6 (it’s the only linux distro supported by my company)

I’ve attached the log.
bug_report.txt (142 KB)

I’m running Win XP, so my post doesn’t technically belong here, but I found this post in a search and this seems relevant.

I have a similar problem: crash on Mandelbrot demo after exploring for several seconds. Sometimes I get graphics anomalies before the crash.

I didn’t check the wall plug current, but instead just measured the power supply 12v voltage because it’s a little easier for me to measure that. I figured that if the power supply were unable to supply the demanded current then I would see a voltage drop on the 12v line. During the Mandelbrot demo, I did not see any fluctuation in voltage.

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