Crash calling glClearBufferfv()

Im getting a crash on an NV670 with 320.18 driver. When using an FBO with two color 16bit RGBA color attachments specified as the glDrawBuffers, making a call to glClearBufferfv(GL_COLOR, 0, …) causes a crash.
The same call, same app running on AMD hardware works, no crash. Not sure if this is a known bug.
Any suggestions on a course of action would be helpful.

As a side question, what extension, or version of opengl brought about the glClearBuffer*() call?

Did You try with ealier version? 314.x for example?

Could you attach the smallest possible standalone reproducer in failing state and add some more system details like operating system and bitness?

OpenGL 3.0.

There are other glClearBuffer*() calls related to vertex/pixel bufferobjects:
(Totally different things than framebuffer objects. Mind the intentional spacing of the names.) which is in OpenGL 4.3.

Sorry, lost track of this post for a while, just came across it again while looking at my profile posts. Yes I had tried it on 314.07, it still happened. I retried it on recently updated 320.49 it seems to be working now. Not really any large code changes around that call since the last try, so I have to assume it was driver related.

I was working around the problem by setting the draw buffers to the single color attachment I wanted cleared, clearing it, then resetting the draw buffers to the set I wanted to render to.

Thanks anyway for the replies.