Crash GTX 980M 8GB with SS2 GfxServer SharedMem messages in debugger output window

Is the SSD GfxServer a part of the nVidia driver?

I have a strange crash in an OpenGL app that runs fine on all other machines (laptops and desktops, both Quadro and GeForce GTX 980M + 4GB RAM). The only machine it crashes on is the top of the line ASUS ROG G752VY box which has both 64GB RAM and the GTX 980M nvidia graphics card. I’ve updated the System BIOS to the latest 211, reflashed the Video BIOS to the only available version. Uninstalled and reinstalled the nVidia GeForce 364.72 driver. Updated all other drivers etc. Problem can be trigger by using either the touchpad or the wheel mouse in a window. No problems running this on 3 other ASUS G752VL laptops which have the nVidia GTX 980M with 4GB RAM and 32GB System RAM.

Two different messages about Shared Memory show up when using the remote debugger to the ASUS laptop:

SS2 GfxServer [MyApp.exe]: Client [0x000001C8F4262290]: SharedMem SS2Gfx.UserId.Machine.Name: Memory too small
SS2 GfxServer [MyApp.exe]: Client [0x000001C8F4262290]: SharedMem SS2Gfx.UserId.Machine.Name: Memory doesn’t exist

Unfortunately, when this issue occurs, the stack is blown and all that shows up is the nvogl64.dll, and the OS Kernel.dll and winnt.dll on the stack. The exception does indicate that there is an issue reading memory.

Any clues as to where the SS2 GfxServer is and what the 2 shared memory messages mean are greatly appreciated!

OS is Windows 10 Home 64 bit.



The problem appears to be caused by the ASUS RealTek Sonic Suite software included with the machine. Comes with a service that runs at startup the SS2 UI Launch service appears to be interfering with the graphics card causing the above mentioned crash. Others have reported the same issues with SS2 crashing games. Disabled the service. Issue stopped.

This problem does not occur with the three different tested ASUS G752VL laptops all with the GTX 980M + 4 GB RAM and 32GB System RAM, i7 6700HQ CPU. The crash has only been observed on the high end ASUS G752VY with the GTX 980M + 8GB RAM + 64GB System RAM and the i7 6820HK CPU (not overclocked).

ASUS really needs to fix the SS2 software and stop crashing apps!