Crash help! Unity game launches in 1 week!

My Unity game Pinstripe is experiencing a very frustrating crash that is very, very rare. I’d certainly like to iron this one out though, because it generally happens at certain points in the game.

Here is my output log for the crash:

0x00E41CCB (Pinstripe) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getPAUtils
0x00E41D86 (Pinstripe) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getPAUtils
0x010BB3B7 (Pinstripe) physx::shdfnd::Foundation::getPAUtils
0x0115AB38 (Pinstripe) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x011933F8 (Pinstripe) physx::shdfnd::ErrorHandler::getErrorCallback
0x77368E94 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x77589BC3 (ntdll) RtlDestroyQueryDebugBuffer
0x77589B92 (ntdll) RtlDestroyQueryDebugBuffer

So here is my suspicion: I realized I have an old Unity legacy particle emitter on the scene I usually get the crash at. The crash occurs on load / awake of a scene.

Additionally, a bug report would be difficult for this one, because it simply is so difficult to reproduce. Could take up to 6 hours to eventually get the crash, and on what system config, I’m not sure.

Do you think the legacy particle emitter could be the culprit? I know – I could simply remove the particle emitter and cross my fingers, but I’d love some certainty before launch.

Thanks so much for your help!


This isn’t code that I’m familiar with so I may not be very helpful to you but here goes…

Which version of Unity are you using? This will help identify which version of PhysX is in use.

Is there any more info you can provide? I can see that there are calls into the ErrorHandler so there must be an error being reported from PhysX. Do you know what that error is? It could give a useful clue. The more information you can provide, the more better chance there is of identifying the source of the crash.

Have you also reported this bug to Unity through their bug tracking system? They may have had similar crash reports and may be able to point you to a fix quite quickly.

Here is the entire crash dump:

Using most recent version of Unity, 5.5.3p1.

Are the ErrorHandlers being reported via PhysX into a different folder other than the crash dump? Where would I find this additional information.

Yes, I’ve reported to Unity with no luck :/

Thanks so much for your time!