Crash in argus after downgrade

I have an application that composes video from several sources into a single frame, and then streams that frame over the network. On the jetson TX2 development kit running L4T 28.1 (with the included camera, as well as USB cameras) this works just fine.

We’ve chosen this kit for running multiple cameras:

The software provided with the kit will only run with L4T 24.2.1, and the associated multimedia api. After setting this up and installing the drivers from leopard imaging, the camera and openglcube argus demos seem to work.

however, when i run my application, one of the threads started by ICameraProvider::createCaptureSession always segfaults in an OpenGL call (either glCreateFramebuffers or glError).

I’ve always passed my egldisplay handle to the outputstream created from the capture session; I thought that this was all the context sharing that’s needed; it seems, however, that something else needs to be done with this older API

Does anyone have any advice about how i should proceed to fix this issue?

Note: I believe that this crash is related to an openGL issue that I posted about here:

You may want to see if all are ok from:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

Thanks, they all check out

Did you try the sample app …/tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/openglBox ?

openglBox works;
I pared the code down to fix my gl context issues (in the thread linked above) so i don’t get a crash anymore; GL seemed to be to blame.

Thank you very much