Crash in CentOS with driver 319.76

System spec
OS:CentOS 5.10
NVIDIA driver:319.76
NVIDIA card:Quadro K600

Sometime our system(running long time) freezes.
Because the system gets unresponsive, I could not get a log from nvidia-bug-report.log.gz after the problem occurred.
But I could get log from vmcore.

#0 [f5250ba0] crash_kexec at c0447135
#1 [f5250be4] die at c0406533
#2 [f5250c14] do_invalid_op at c0406ca1
#3 [f5250cc4] error_code (via invalid_op) at c0405b0b
EAX: 008001e3 EBX: c900ea40 ECX: c0752c08 EDX: c9000000 EBP: c0ba3000
DS: 007b ESI: 0000060c ES: 007b EDI: 00000163
CS: 0060 EIP: c041e6bf ERR: ffffffff EFLAGS: 00010082
#4 [f5250cf8] change_page_attr at c041e6bf
#5 [f5250d34] nv_alloc_system_pages at fa027360 [nvidia]
#6 [f5250d58] nv_alloc_pages at fa020df0 [nvidia]
#7 [f5250d78] _nv012339rm at f9ffe062 [nvidia]
#8 [f5250da4] _nv011285rm at f9ee1d49 [nvidia]
#9 [f5250db8] _nv011279rm at f9ee216e [nvidia]
#10 [f5250dcc] _nv000892rm at f9bbdf92 [nvidia]
#11 [f5250de0] _nv000892rm at f9bbe706 [nvidia]
#12 [f5250e10] _nv000694rm at f9ba1b9c [nvidia]
#13 [f5250e28] _nv000779rm at f9ffc23f [nvidia]
#14 [f5250e3c] rm_ioctl at fa004b20 [nvidia]
#15 [f5250ed4] nv_kern_ioctl at fa021ae4 [nvidia]
#16 [f5250f44] vfs_ioctl at c048aafc
#17 [f5250fa0] sys_ioctl at c048ab9c
#18 [f5250fb8] system_call at c0404f94
EAX: ffffffda EBX: 0000000c ECX: c0a0464a EDX: bf6c2880
DS: 007b ESI: 000000a0 ES: 007b EDI: 0000000c
SS: 007b ESP: bf6c2704 EBP: 0000004a
CS: 0073 EIP: 00ab9402 ERR: 00000036 EFLAGS: 00000287

Is there any known problems with the 319.76 drivers?
And is this problem already resoleved in latest driver?

I attach the nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file after rebooting the system.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (65.4 KB)