Crash in FindTouchedGeometry ( NxCharacter Physx 2.8.4 )


we are using the CharacterController for our in-game camera. But when it detects a collision, the game crashes.
I added the NxCharacter source to our project to get more information.
It crashes when FindTouchedGeometry wants to write information to the geom_stream ( IntArray ).

An access violation occurs in the following code ( NxArray )

NX_INLINE void fill(Iterator f, unsigned n, const ElemType & x)
for (; 0 < n; --n, ++f)
*f = x;

The iterator is invalid.
*f = x <- this is the line where it chrashes.

Someone had the same problem or has an idea how to fix this?

Hmmm, good one. The problem looks vaguely familiar, I think I saw it several years ago when 2.8.4 was the latest and greatest. Does the crash happen with all collisions, or only some of them? I suspect there is something wrong with the setup of the character controller, but I can’t recall the details.