Crash in GFSDK_Aftermath_SetEventMarker

We are experiencing crashes when setting Aftermath event markers using GFSDK_Aftermath_SetEventMarker() in the following callstack:

29) KERNELBASE.dll UnhandledExceptionFilter()  [:unresolved]
28) ntdll.dll memset()  [:unresolved]
27) ntdll.dll _C_specific_handler()  [:unresolved]
26) ntdll.dll _chkstk()  [:unresolved]
25) ntdll.dll RtlRaiseException()  [:unresolved]
24) ntdll.dll KiUserExceptionDispatcher()  [:unresolved]
23) nvwgf2umx.dll NVAPI_DirectMethods()  [:unresolved]
22) nvwgf2umx.dll OpenAdapter10()  [:unresolved]
21) nvwgf2umx.dll OpenAdapter12()  [:unresolved]
20) nvwgf2umx.dll OpenAdapter12()  [:unresolved]
19) nvapi64.dll nvapi_QueryInterface()  [:unresolved]
18) GFSDK_Aftermath_Lib_x64.dll GFSDK_Aftermath_SetEventMarker()  [:unresolved]
17) GFSDK_Aftermath_Lib_x64.dll GFSDK_Aftermath_SetEventMarker()  [:unresolved]

Is it possible that a GPU crash occurred but the Aftermath GpuCrashDumpCb callback is delayed? In that case SetEventMarker() should be prepared for this situation and not crash the game prematurely.

Or do you think the problem is caused by something else?

We are using NVIDIA_Nsight_Aftermath_SDK_2023.1.0.23076