Crash in PxsCCDContext updateCCD

I just downloaded and built physx 3.3.3 (previously i was using 3.3.1) and now im getting crashes
because of an out of bounds index passed to PsArray by phsyx internally.
I searched the forums and found this
which explains exactly what I am now seeing, but no fix is mentioned. Nothing changed within my program between the physx lib changes. The call stack at the time of the crash is

>	PhysX3CommonDEBUG_x86.dll!`anonymous namespace'::DefaultAssertHandler::operator()(const char * expr=0x0fa863dc, const char * file=0x0fa863e8, int line=164, bool & ignore=false) Line 44	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::shdfnd::Array<unsigned int,physx::shdfnd::NamedAllocator>::operator[](unsigned int i=4294967295) Line 165	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::PxsCCDContext::updateCCD(float dt=0.0166666675, physx::PxBaseTask * continuation=0x11099f70, bool disableResweep=false) Line 1635	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::PxsContext::updateCCD(float dt=0.0166666675, physx::PxBaseTask * continuation=0x11099f70, bool disableResweep=false) Line 1508	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::Sc::Scene::updateCCDSinglePass(physx::PxBaseTask * continuation=0x11099f70) Line 1594	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::Cm::DelegateTask<physx::Sc::Scene,&physx::Sc::Scene::updateCCDSinglePass>::runInternal() Line 79	C++
 	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll!physx::Cm::Task::run() Line 48	C++
 	PhysicsSupport_dbg_vs10_MDd.dll!physx::Ext::DefaultCpuDispatcher::runTask(physx::PxBaseTask & task={...}) Line 166	C++
 	PhysicsSupport_dbg_vs10_MDd.dll!physx::Ext::CpuWorkerThread::execute() Line 80	C++
 	PhysX3CommonDEBUG_x86.dll!physx::shdfnd::`anonymous namespace'::PxThreadStart(void * arg=0x10166ab0) Line 82	C++

Seems I confused my downloads, seems all the physx downloads from github have the name 3.3-master name, and I built what should have been the 3.3(.4)-master, but i built an older 3.3(.3)-master zip that was on my drive.
This doesnt seem to be a problem in 3.3.4 anymore as it is not happening now since I rebuilt the libs.