Crash in the omni.graph.core.get_node_type. How to debug?

Hi, I’m writing an extension in omniverse, and I have a piece of code that does

name = ‘omni.isaac.conveyor.IsaacConveyor’


I have an exception from get_node_type().
How can I troubleshoot this? Debugger does not step into the get_node_type()

Hi @Mykola-777 - Are you following below mentioned docs:

Yes, I went even deeper.
I’m calling on_add_track() in ConveyorBuilderWidget (omni.isaac.conveyor\omni\isaac\conveyor\scripts\ui\

I’ve created my own instance of the ConveyorBuilderWidget and I’m calling

This gives me an exception with a logs ending with

File “s:/warehouse/_build/windows-x86_64/release/_exts/omni.graph/omni/graph/core/_impl/”, line 471, in
File “s:/warehouse/_build/windows-x86_64/release/_exts/omni.graph/omni/graph/core/_impl/”, line 225, in create_node
return obj.__create_node(obj, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
File “s:/warehouse/_build/windows-x86_64/release/_exts/omni.graph/omni/graph/core/_impl/”, line 307, in __create_node
raise og.OmniGraphError(f"Could not create node using unrecognized type ‘{node_type_id}’{more}")

<class ‘omni.graph.core._impl.errors.OmniGraphError’> OmniGraphError: Could not create node using unrecognized type ‘omni.isaac.conveyor.IsaacConveyor’. Perhaps the extension ‘omni.isaac.conveyor’ is not loaded?

The exception is raised inside of call to og.get_node_type

    elif isinstance(node_type_id, str):
        node_type = og.get_node_type(node_type_id)

in the S:\warehouse_build\windows-x86_64\release_exts\omni.graph\omni\graph\core_impl\,
method def __node_type(node_type_id: NodeType_t) → og.NodeType:

I would like to debug inside of the omni.graph.core, but it exposes .dll only, a file

Hope this brings some context.

What are you trying to get for the output? “omni.isaac.conveyor.IsaacConveyor” is the type, usually. Can you give a little more context on what you are the input and output you expect?