Crash on using utilities provided in jetson-inference on github

Hello @dusty_nv,

I followed your tutorial for “Training the SSD-Mobilenet Model”
pytorch ssd training

I used the to annotate the images and provide the data.

I followed the video tutorial for configuring directories and content for retraining the ssd model. When I execute the
python3 --data=data/object --model-dir=models/object --batch-size=2 --epochs=30

I get illegal instruction (core dumped) error. Impossible to know or debug what is going on.
Later I checked by running the and it also resulted in an illegal instruction (core dumped) error.

I’ve built the source code of jetson-inference library on my jetson nano and installed it successfully as per procedure.

Help on debug is appreciated!


Hi @gajendrakkashyap, please see my response to your post on GitHub: Crash on running the · Issue #1094 · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub