Crash when creating prox deformer

I created some prox deformers from my face to places like brows and tearlines. When I try to add a prox deformer from a lash to the tearline, audio2face crashes with no error message. I can provide a test case USD file to reproduce this. I am using 2023.2.0

Is the eyelash being driven by Prox itself and you’re trying to drive the tearline using this eyelash? Can you instead drive the eyelash and tearline both using one driver (probably face)?

The tearline is driven by the face and then the lash is driven by the tearline. I have had no problems doing this with another model but for some reason this model causes a crash. If I drive the lash with the face it does not move correctly so that’s why it is driven by the tearline.

Are you able to share your file for further investigation? If your file can’t be shared publicly, are you able to send it in a private message?

I was able to drive the eyelashes using the tearline mesh using prox deformer.
Please note, the order of selection matters. You need to select the driver (tearline) first, then driven objects. The prox deformer UI is using the default values.

ok that’s why it used to work - I was doing the order wrong on the lashes and the tearline. Still, it should not crash. Thanks for your help.

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