Crash when defining QImage


I am new using Jetson TX2 and am trying to process frames acquired from the onboard camera.
Thus, based on the oneShot example, I’ve made a Qt program that is working fine.

However, as long as I define a QImage object anywhere in my program, even without using it or in an uncalled function, the program crash when I try to cast the captureSession to a Argus::ICaptureSession and I get a SIGSEGV error.

Does anyone know what is happening ?


This is a longshot, but perhaps including QImage causes a link against a library which is missing (or just a symbol in the library). You can at least find out if the libraries are present via (you may need to install ldd, not sure):

ldd /where/ever/your/app/is

Better yet, build with debug symbols, add Qt debug symbols via package (I’m not sure which symbol packages apply), and run in gdb.

Using ldd, I double checked every needed library and there doesn’t seem to be an issue.
The needed libraries are :

  • libargus
  • libEGL
  • libnvbuf_utils
  • libX11
  • libGLESv2
  • libnvjpeg

Running the program through gdb didn’t get me anywhere either.
Thanks for the help though, I’ll keep looking into it…

What is the the oneShot example?
It seems that opencv should be used there somehow.

When installing Jetpack 3.0, you get the argus library which is supposed to be used for cameras.
You have several examples : denoise, histogram, autowhitebalance, …

oneShot is the simplest one. You start the camera, get a frame and save it.

thank you for the explanation!