Crash when using OptiX 7.1 and latest GPU driver

Hi, In order to use the latest features of OptiX7.1, I updated my GPU driver to latest version which is 451.67, and the application crashed.It appears that I called DXR function “CreateStateObject” before execute “optixDenoiserSetup” will cause this crash.
I’ve tried some combination:driver version 442.59 + OptiX7.0 works fine, but version 451.67 + OptiX7.1 will cause the same crash.
Is there any details I was missing after update OptiX and driver version?

VS report exception in nvcuda64.dll

Would you be able to provide a minimal and complete reproducer in failing state showing that problem for internal analysis? Thanks.

For reproducing the issue, what’ your remaining system configuration esp. OS version and installed GPUs?

If you got it to compile with OptiX 7.1.0 you probably have adjusted all necessary things already, but just in case, please make sure you’ve read the OptIX Release Notes for the specific structure changes compared to OptiX 7.0.0.
Link to the OptiX release notes are always directly below the OptiX download buttons on

GTX 2080Ti
Win10 64bit(1909)
CUDA 10.2
driver 451.67

I want to correct the combination:442.59/445.75 + OptiX7.0 works fine,451.67 + OptiX7.0 crash.So I think maybe the driver version conflicts the OptiX7+?

I modify the DXR sample can also recurrent this crash, here is my modification(line77-line114), crash happen in line113 “optixDenoiserSetup”:D3D12RaytracingHelloWorld.cpp (32.8 KB)

Original DXR sample address:

Thanks. I filed a bugreport for investigation against an RTX 2080Ti. :-)