CRC hardware support

I would like to efficiently calculate a crc16 or crc32. Does the Jetson Nano have hardware support for this. I found a stackoverflow post which mentioned STM32. My understanding is that the STM32 mq-processors are using ARM-cortex processors but have added peripherals like a CRC peripheral. Does the Jetson nano CPU complex support something similar?

hello l.moschcau,

may I know what’s your use-case.

please access Jetson Nano Module Data Sheet via download center, there’s Cryptographic Engine to support crypto functions.
you may also refer to developer guide and check the Secureboot chapter for the usage.

Thanks for your response JerryChang,
I need to implement a communication protocol for an external telemetry module. The protocol should include a crc checksum. I could implement a crc8 or 16 with a lookup table. But i thought there might be hardware support for this. But i could not find any mention about crc capability in the Datasheet and the Development guide.

I use c++ and have a message represented by a uint8_t array of variable length. I would like to calculate a crc8 or 16 and append it to the message. Afterwards specific bytes are escaped and the message is transmitted. I don’t have to use a specific polynomial but i would like to use a common one.

hello l.moschcau,

as I knew, there’re only DSI/CSI/SDMMC controllers works with CRC error checks.
you may have software implementation to have error checks for your serial data inputs.

thanks for your reply. I will do that