Create-2021.1.0: [Error] [] VkResult: ERROR_DEVICE_LOST

When I run and load the KitchenSetInstance.usd example file, I get the following errors:

2021-04-12 15:02:54 [221,772ms] [Error] [] vkQueueSubmit failed.
2021-04-12 15:02:54 [221,772ms] [Error] [] VkResult: ERROR_DEVICE_LOST

I am running Ubuntu-20.04.2 and have the following settings in my ~/.bashrc file

# Vulkan
export VULKAN_SDK="/mnt/storage/mount/project/software/library/vulkan/$VULKAN_SDK_VERSION/$HOST_ARCH"
export VK_LAYER_PATH="$VULKAN_SDK/etc/vulkan/explicit_layer.d"

# Path
export PATH=${HOME}/bin:$VULKAN_SDK/bin:/tool/script${PATH:+:${PATH}}

Hi elvis3, this may be a driver and/or hardware setup issue .Can you send the full log file?


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