Create 2021.3.5 on Linux - cache not connecting and shadercache issues

OS: Arch Linux
GPU: 3090 RTX driver 470.63.01

Create 2021.3.5 starts normally, Cache is ON, as indicated in the UI.
As soon as I click “localhost”, I get:

2021-09-18 07:49:50  [Warning] [omni.ext-live.plugin] Omniverse Cache is disabled! It can be turned on in Omniverse System Monitor.

And the the Cache is OFF.
I can browse the files fine on the Nucleus page of the Launcher. Also cache settings indicate everything is fine, Cache - Access logs show no errors.

Additionally, I get the following errors related to shadercache:

2021-09-18 07:46:58  [Error] [carb] Failed to create file '${ov_root}/cache/Kit/102.1/2027b54e/shadercache/release/96c85d244339ec0c5fed6dce1c9d796b.v' for writing (File exists)

I nuked these files (they are obviously writeable), restarted Cache, it regenerated shader cache only to have the same errors on subsequent start.

Hi @bart.sekura - I’m sorry for the delay…there is a bug hiding some posts from view when we search for new posts (we are trying to resolve it now). Was your question answered separately or do you still need assistance?

The technical requirements are here ( and the documentation for cache is here: Overview — Omniverse Utilities documentation

Please let me know if you are still experiencing this issue and I will follow-up with a developer here.


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see:

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