Create 2022.1.0 Beta kills all apps on Ubuntu 18.04

After upgrading to 2022.1.0 all stopped working correctly.
Screenshots attached.

Screenshot from 2022-04-01 09-50-31
Screenshot from 2022-04-01 09-51-00

Hello @ldec. What I think this might be is this error Q10) Viewport is gray and nothing is rendered

Can you attach your log from The log file is typically located at /home/USERNAME/**/logs/**/*.log? I might help shed some light on what is happening here.

Hi Wendy,

Please find attached logs.
Please let me know if you need all of the logs from folders inside of log directory. (26.3 KB)

Hello @WendyGram , I have decided to install it on Ubuntu 20.04 and all works fine with and exception of the same issue with Navigator and SearchService as per last screen shot above.