Create 2022.1.0 viewport fps dramatic drop performance

  • WINDOWS 10
  • 3090 RTX / DRIVER 511.65
  • Create 2022.1.0

Create 2022.1.0 viewport fps has a dramatic drop in performance when loading asset from Content.
Updated to latest Create version and the viewport is extremely sluggish - Drop to 10/15 fps even with a trivial lowpoly model when loading from the Content tab.

No issue if I load the object from the menu file/open.

Any fix ?
Thank you

I’ve asked the QA team to see if they have encountered this. I am not getting any issues on my 3090 on Win11 but I am running driver 512.15 so maybe that’s worth a try.

You may also want to check your cache, maybe try clearing it or making sure the drive it’s on is not full. In the launcher go to Library > Cache.

Hi vbrisebois,
cache is working fine on a fast ssd.
Updated the drivers to 512.15
I did a clean up with the Omniverse cleanup tool
but still suffering from a huge fps reduction in the viewport.
Usd or fbx dropped to the viewport from the content tab, make the viewport extremely slow/unusable.

Then if I close the scene and create a new one.
and create/mesh/cube the viewport perf are at 8 fps max with a single cube in the scene.

Any thought ?
Thank you

had the exact same issue and setup. this helped me.

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Hi andreskluge,
changing from thumbnails to details in the content tab has fixed the slow fps issue in the viewport.
Not ideal, but it’s working. Hopefully Nvidia will identify the bug and release an update.
Thank you

Thanks for the report and the work around! I’m tagging this as a bug internally and we’ll look to see if we can resolve this issue in the next update!

Marked as internal bug: OM-47764

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@andreskluge @JeffCostello

Thank you both heavily for your report and pointing towards the issue. We’ve generated a hotfix releasing shortly to fix this issue!