Create 2022.1.4 is now available!

Hey Omniverse!

We’ve now released our 4th update to the 2022.1 release cycle, 2022.1.4. This was focused on bug fixes around 2022.1.3. For the detailed list of updates, please jump over to our documentation for our release notes here: Create 2022.1.4 — Omniverse Create documentation

We’ll be focusing heavily internally on a new round of updates with new features later this summer and focusing on customer needs from the forums. I’ll be teasing some new features later this month, so keep an eye out!

While you download, check out some quick shots from on of our talented artists at NVIDIA, Andrew Averkin made in the latest version of Omniverse Create:


Thank you! I don’t see notification in the launcher though.

Thanks downloading as we speak :)

This version seems to work much better for me


Omniverse create can’t be run on the 516.59 latest game ready driver.

If you close the viewport and reopen it, does that message go away?

Hello, sometime it does, sometime it doesn’t. I reported it before: "RTX Loading" won't disappear

You can also see the black artifacts in the eyes of the kid. Happens to glass materials. It doesn’t happen in 1.3.