Create 2022.3.0 Beta viewport performance decrease

Hi all,
I just updated to Create 2022.3.0, after opening the scene I did with version 2022.2.0 I notice a sudden decrease in viewport performance.

I had almost 20fps using PathTracer, now it is around 10fps. Updated to the newest nvidia driver and it performs just a little better but still much worse then before. I guess will stick to 2022.2.0 for now.

btw I am on Windows 10 / RTX 3090 and 5955wx.

My bad, I was comparing wrong resolutions. At the same resolution the performance is the same in both version, around 18fps.

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Hey Karol,

By default you may have an increased resolution with 2022.3 vs 2022.2, we made the default 1080p in the vertical direction and the horizontal is now set to “fill” however big you make your viewport. (So if you stretch it out, it could be 2500x1080, etc.)

As a note, all the viewport settings are now persistent, so if you want to go back to non-fill/720p, it’ll remain between restarts!

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In the case of multiple viewports, can’t one of the viewports be switched to RTX and the other to real-time mode?

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Hi @DaneTrain , after updating from 2022.2 to 2022.3 I noticed considerably higher VRAM usage working on the same scene.
It often fills up my memory to is show 0 free vram available, I am on RTX 3090 and the newest drivers. Did anybody else noticed that too?