Create 2022.3.0 | More than one Mtlx Image - Current Limitation?

Hello guys!

I want to ask if there is some kind of limitation on the MaterialX read implementation and Mtlx Images nodes that currently have Create 202.3.0 beta, I’m doing some tests using this model form polyheaven and preparing the usd using Houdini:

And I noticed as soon as I add more than 1 Mtlx image node on the .usd, the object appears with a Red color in Create, even if I add multiple connections from the same Mtlx Image:

Here you can download the .hip and .usd files:

jar_mtlx_image_test.rar (8.2 MB)

And here is the log:

kit_20221117_223155.log (1.5 MB)

Keep in mind that I’m doing this test on my machine that has the bug with the multiple gpus, but this behavior also happens in our other machine where Create runs fine.

Let me know what do you think about this.


Hello @cdordelly! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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Hey @cdordelly,

The problem is that “metalness” is a float value, and you matx graph has a color texture plugged into it. At the moment we don’t support that. Were working on a plan for polymorphic types like this for future releases.

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Thanks a lot for your answer @canderson , effectively if I pay more attention on the connection type the model loads correctly in Create, that’s awesome, glad to hear that you have planned to improve the polymorphic types in the future to don’t be too strict on the material creation.

We’re also adding more robust error checking. Things like this should warn you and give more insight as to what’s not working, not just fail.

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